What is the difference between a Classic Studio Portrait Session and all the other packages?

The Classic Session is perfect for clients on a budget that want a professional portrait without the extra cost or customization of the other packages. The Classic Studio Session is a shorter session of 30 minutes with 10-20 images to choose from for purchase.  Samantha will still capture beautiful images but they will not have the same level of customization and options as the other packages.

All other packages include a pre-consultation in order to fully customize your session with 10-40 images to choose from for purchase. The Elite and Premium packages offer more images as well as a credit towards the Create Your Own Collection of artwork and prints.


What is a pre-consultation and why is it important?

A pre-consult is a time when we get to know each other and customize your session to fit your unique family and style! Samantha loves getting to know her clients and their families. During the pre-consult, we can discuss what your vision is for your images, which will help Samantha know how to specifically design and photograph your session. We will discuss clothing, poses, home décor and what the most important images are to you. It is Samantha’s goal to create an ideal session for you and to reduce your stress by knowing there is a plan and knowing the plan is customized to you, your home and your family. A pre-consult can be done on the phone if you are too busy for a visit but Samantha’s desire would be to meet with you in your home or at her studio. Nothing beats a face to face meeting for understanding and relationship building.


When will I get to see the session images?

Part of your session retainer fee includes an in-studio viewing of your images no more than two weeks after your session. At the end of your portrait session we will sit down and select the best day and time for your viewing/ordering appointment. The best and most enjoyable part of the whole portrait experience is when you finally get to see the images for the first time!  Samantha will be there to help guide you through the decision-making process of choosing which images you cannot live without. She can even show you what your images will look like on in your home on your walls provided you send her a snapshot of your walls. Please feel free to invite parents and grandparents to enjoy the experience with you. Samantha does suggest you leave young siblings with a babysitter to enhance the experience for you. It is much harder to enjoy the show while tending to the needs of young children and even harder to make purchasing decisions.

It is important to understand this is the time during which you will place your order so all decision makers need to be present. Please come to the appointment with a budget in mind and some ideas of what you want to purchase, whether that be a canvas, album, prints, and /or digital files. It is important to note that this time is being set aside for you therefore; if you need to reschedule the appointment due to lack of all necessary decision makers, a need for extra time to decide or should you miss your appointment, there will be an additional fee to reschedule due to the loss of income incurred by reserving an additional appointment time for you and not another client session.


What kind of investment should I expect to make?

Most clients spend between $350 -$1300 but since each family has different needs and wants some spend less while others spend more. A client wanting only 5 digital images can expect to spend between $240 -$350 for the Classic Session while other clients wanting a longer customized session including canvas art work, an album and ALL the digital images could spend $1200-$1350 or more depending on purchase choices. One service Samantha Elliston Photography offers is the ability to purchase digital images without the requirement of ordering prints, albums or canvas in order to get the digital images.  It is important to note that Samantha Elliston Photography is a full-service studio offering signature products as art for the home and she believes strongly in the value to a child’s self-esteem and sense of belonging when portraits are hung on the wall.

Custom photography is a luxury and requires expensive equipment, knowledge, software and props along with time to refine and produce images for clients. In order to sustain my craft as a viable and sustainable business and offer the premier service to my clients I must make a profit beyond all the costs of marketing, insurance, and equipment upgrades therefore I charge what is necessary while trying to provide an investment level clients can afford. I may not be the photographer for you if you only desire a photo or two.

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