Specialty Packages

Great for a lifestyle session, a customized headshot, product images, events and business advertisement needs


  • 30 minutes
  • 1-2 professionally edited images
  • 1 location


Are you needing an updated or unique image for your web page or business? My goal is to capture a more personalized headshot that reflects YOU!


  • 1 hour
  • Up to 5 images professionally edited
  • Multiple locations
  • Wardrobe changes


More than ever before it is important to have a visual representation attached to social networking sites. You may need a more traditional professional image for your website, resume or business career profile such as LinkedIn, while also wanting a nice variety of images to be placed throughout your Facebook, Instagram, Google +, and Twitter to showcase who you are.

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  • No posing
  • Just life as it happens
  • Real emotion
  • Real everyday events
  • A record of how life was at a certain time


To me, there is nothing more precious than the images I have of my dad, who is no longer living on this earth, doing what he did on a regular basis. Images of him working in his woodshop building toys for the orphans, meeting clients in his office, working on projects to improve the prisoners’ conditions in a 3rd world prison, delivering food to the widows, making his famous French fries and sitting on his lap in the old olive green rocking chair where he would read me a bedtime story; those are the images and memories I cherish!

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  • Website
  • Advertisement
  • Etsy
  • Magazine
  • Promotions


Images sell! We now live in a visual culture as businesses. Photographs are a “universal language”. High definition images drive higher on-line engagement and sales. Articles with images increase overall views by 94%. It’s all about the images, 60% of consumers consider or contact a business after seeing an image. The quality of a product image is very important to 67% of consumers. A high-quality image is more important to consumers than a long description.

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