Baby Henry and his whole family were such a delight to photograph! Henry was a sweet model that slept really well during the session. Some of my all time favorite images of mommy with baby were taken during their session. I will never forget baby Henry’s big sister, Eva, she was amazing. She gifted me with the most delightful array of facial expressions while having fun together. She would run off and then come back saying “Let me try again!” Great little family! The privilege was ALL mine.

Sweet baby Grayson! Sleeping so peacefully. He was such a great little model during his 5 day old session. Little did we know precious Grayson would be in surgery before he was two months old. Grayson has come to have his portrait taken several times so mom and dad can track all of his changes, we even had a chance to capture his “war wound” from liver surgery which he survived like a trooper! Please remember 4 month old baby Grayson and his family in your prayers because his liver is still not functioning as needed so they have started the process of applying for a liver transplant.

Grayson’s parents are so fun and full of life. They have a passion for comic characters and TV shows like Dr. Who, which meant one thing…Grayson had to have at least one image with a Tardis! I look forward to the day Grayson is old enough to pretend to be daddy’s favorite superhero-Flash.

It has been my pleasure to capture adorable images of this precious little man from his first day in this world to the most recent at 4 months! Baby Brentley is such an easy going baby. He has one of the best smiles I have seen along with those big bright eyes. What’s not to love?

Brentley is a very special baby to our family and friends. Just before his mommy and daddy found out they were pregnant with him, they had decided to get a tubal ligation because they had recently lost their precious baby girl Trinity Ann August 1, 2014 just four weeks before her due date, weighing only 3 lbs. 13.4 ounces. Elizabeth’s placenta had trouble functioning properly and she struggled with high blood pressure issues which would be a concern for any future pregnancies. Both parents did not want to go through the pain of losing another baby so they had decided a tubal ligation was the best plan. God had other plans…they found out they were pregnant again before they were able to follow through on the tubal ligation. Elizabeth had to spend 9 weeks in the hospital prior to Brentley’s arrival as a safety precaution for the issues she had with Trinity Ann. Brentley arrived on Trinity Ann’s due date one year later! Amazingly, due to much prayer, Brentley weighed 4 lbs. 10 ounces, just enough to prevent him from spending even one minute in the NICU. He is a happy, healthy and very loved little boy!

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